Client Name: www.kaarje.com

About The Client: Kaarje.com is the first its kind of complete online religious service platform in Nepal. Considering the fact that the Hindu community all over the world and our culture have been deprived of religious activities, sometimes due to lack of worship materials and lack of qualified gurus/pundits, we believe that our religion and culture should be kept alive in every corner of the world. We will be at your doorstep with service either online or offline.

Date: 2020


  •     To create the beautiful customer centric ecommerce website
  •     To increase the ecommerce sales
  •     To evolve the brand and reputation  

Campaign: Website Development, SEO and Facebook Ads

Technology and Expertise: We used laravel, digital ocean, Google Analytics, Google ads, SEMrush platform and facebook business suite.

Conclusion: We created a beautiful piece of customer centric UI enabled website and start the SEO from zero level to increasing trends. We successfully done facebook ads to increase the page likes along with maximized the reach and impression.

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