Client Name: Fast International Travels & Tours (P) Ltd.

About The Client: Fast International Travels & Tours (P) Ltd.(FITT in short ) is being run by a group of experienced professionals who have been in the travel-trade sector offering their unique quality tourism services at home and abroad for decades. Inception in year 1998 , Fast International Travels & Tours especially focus on Air-Ticketing services, providing multidisciplinary tourism service facilities. Located at 1st Floor, DMC Building, Kupondol, Lalitpur (Patan).

Date: 2017


  •     To send tours notification to all previous clients and agents
  •     To generate the leads via different social platforms
  •     To educate the inbound and outbound tours for prospect clients

Campaign: SMS Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Content Creation

Technology and Expertise: We used own bulk SMS web portal, Buzzsumo,Evernote platform, facebook ads manager and our in-house social media analytics.

Conclusion: We educate the prospects clients about inbound and outbound tour via different social media platform. We create the motivated content for old and prospect travel lovers for lead generation. We send notifications about services and its create good noise around the people.

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